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WinX Free FLV to AVI Converter is a free video converter. It allows you to convert flash video files (FLV) into AVI files. These AVI files can be encoded using either DivX or XviD codecs. The audio of the files can be encoded using MP3 or AC3. Since this is a free converter, it doesn't have a video editor or conversion profiles for specific devices, like many other paid converters do. Still, I am glad that WinX has released a series of free converters that work as well as their paid products. It is a great way to test what these converters can do. If you want more features, you can always upgrade to the paid version with ease.

The graphical user interface looks very plain, but it is intuitive. There is some on-screen help that guides you through the simple three steps that you perform to convert a file. It all boils down to selecting the file and selecting the output format. There aren't many options that you can change, but you can modify the resolution, bitrate, and frame rate. There is an option to keep the size and aspect ratio of the original file, and I recommend you to use that.

In my testing, the only problem that I had was with the audio of a few files that I converted. The audio didn't sound as good as the original, and I had to lower the volume a bit to make it sound good.

José Fernández
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